Value, the fast food lie

April 23, 2014

If one were to go to and look up the word value, the very first definition seems to be most fitting for the idea that most fast food places try to push into your head. The definition is: Relative worth, merit, or importance.


Now, let’s take McDonald’s for example. Before I start,  I want to be clear, I am not picking on them in particular just using them as an example. Many fast food places have practices that are just as bad as theirs are, if not worse.


They have an Extra Value Menu. Now what this implies is that the food on their normal menu is already a great value, and the items on this menu give you even more bang for your buck. Now, relative worth kind of says that you have to be comparing this thing to something else. So how should we go about doing that?


Oh I know, there’s a chicken sandwich on the extra value menu called a McChicken sandwich. Let’s compare that to the premium chicken sandwich. About a decade ago McDonald’s decided that they wanted to attempt to attract the demographic that included people that actually like a bit of quality in their food. Prices vary around the country but the Premium chicken sandwich comes in at around $4.50. It consists of the chicken itself grilled, or crispy, as well as lettuce, tomato and mayo served on a honey wheat bun.


That sounds pretty good right? But is it really? And how does it compare to the McChicken? Click here to read on and see.

Read a book

April 22, 2014

One of the biggest obstacles to solving most of the world’s problems  today is ignorance. People simply don’t know enough and suffer as a result. Sounds kind of crazy right? But it’s true.


For example, teaching people where AIDS comes from and how it gets transmitted has been the number one factor in dropping the spread of the disease. Yes, new and better medical practices have helped, but reducing ignorance has helped more.


Another example of ignorance that is kind of funny is Gerber baby food.  In some countries in Africa where the literacy rate is atrociously low they put pictures of what is inside the food containers on the labels. If you are at all familiar with Gerber baby food you know that there is a picture of a baby on every single one of their products. It took a great deal of convincing on the part of those that can read to explain to those that couldn’t that it was food for babies not food made from babies.

Are you starting to see the power of ignorance? Click here to read on.

Physical repercussions

April 21, 2014

Are you generally a happy person? Do you spend most of your days angry for one reason or another? How is your health? Are you sick once or twice a week? Continuously? Or are you one of those people that only really gets sick once in a blue moon?


I have long believed that overall energy level and emotional output have a direct correlation with physical health and well being. Recently I came across some information that, while not directly claiming it,  seems to rather strongly support that belief.


There is a researcher, Dr Masaru Emoto, who began doing some experiments back in the early ’90s about emotional impact on crystalline structures in frozen water. And his discoveries are pretty amazing.


To start off, with polluted water generally does not form any crystalline structure at all when frozen and the ice generally forms random harsh patterns. Only clean pure water forms crystalline structures. That pretty much stands to reason as, in polluted water, the impurities would prevent the crystals from forming.


That’s a good start but where does it go from here? Click here to find out.

It only takes one to change your self image pt2

April 21, 2014

Finally, he buys completely into it. Everyone he knows knows that he is stupid and isn’t shy about telling him so. He believes it so  he doesn’t argue with them. He starts acting more and more stupid as time goes on, fitting more and more into the mold. 


But here’s the thing. That guy that is too stupid to learn, too dumb to improve, too retarded to change, the one who has no self esteem and therefore no motivation to go out and get the things that he wants out of life, that guy, he isn’t real. He is simply the product of lie after lie after lie stacked upon one original lie.


It only takes one person to start unraveling the lies, one by one, and gradually digging out the real person underneath it all. I look for truth, not evidence of one thing or another. I look for evidence of everything. I hunt for answers and discard nothing just because it doesn’t make sense or agree with what I want to be true or am afraid of being true.

And what did I find with my thorough search? Click here to read on and see.

It only takes one to change your self image pt1

April 21, 2014

Last night I had a very long conversation with a close friend of mine. We’ve been living in the same house for several years and I have seen him go through quite a few changes in his way of being. He has made a lot of progress towards improving his life, but most of it has come when he has been pushed to do it by others who are concerned for his well being. Not much has come from any personal motivation that he has had.


When I asked him why this was he said that he has very low motivation due to low self esteem.And that lead to further probing questions about why he had low self esteem. I asked him how long he had been dealing with this issue and the answer was a little surprising for him I think. His general belief structure up until this point had been that his life pretty much started falling apart around ten years ago.


Once he really started thinking about it he realized the self esteem issue started several years before that. See, the image that many people have of my friend is that he is a white trailer trash redneck from Texas. They think he is functionally illiterate and too stupid to ever amount to much.


That really is what a lot of people think of him. But is it true? Click here to read on and see.

The grudge

April 17, 2014

So, a friend or loved one does something you strongly disapprove of. Perhaps they lie to or cheat on you. You could decide that they have hurt you enough and you no longer want them to be around. But, you do still love the person and want them to be a part of your life.


So even though they wronged you, you decide not to break off the relationship. Instead you decide that you are going to get back at them by making life uncomfortable for them. Each time you see them or spend time with them you remind them that you are still angry or upset. You hold back favors or nice things that you would normally do for them. There. That will show them. Right?


Well, maybe. But probably not. I mean yeah, there’s that feeling of righteous vindication that you may get from punishing someone that has done something wrong to you. How long does that really last though, only a few seconds right? And then afterwards where does that leave you with your loved one?

 And how does holding a grudge hurt you? Click here to read on and see.

The end of the tunnel. pt1

April 17, 2014

It has taken a long time to get here but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. What am I talking about? Well,of course, that’s a bit of a story.


When our group first came together, our vision included all living together for a few years, so that we would be able to pool our finances to pay off all our debt and eventually be able to buy homes for each of us.The key part there was getting rid of our debt and having a financial plan for success. For various reasons that turned out to be a whole lot more difficult to do than it was to say.


Our initial plan was to get the best mortgage we could possibly get with our credit ratings and to start paying off debt as quickly as possible. Due to the number of people we had, a five bedroom house was the smallest size house that could reasonably accommodate us. Because of bad credit and or bad work history, the best mortgage we could get was still a terrible mortgage. We had a first and second mortgage. The first mortgage was a  variable rate forty year mortgage that started at 8% and the second was a thirty year at over 10% . The plan was to make our payments on time and after two years consolidate the two terrible mortgages into one better hopefully around 4%. The idea was to work things in such a way that we would all live in the same house for seven years. During that time we would pay off all our debt and start saving money to buy more houses.

That was the plan. But what actually happened? Click here to read on and see.

What would you do?

April 17, 2014

As part of my desire to make the world a better place I enjoy spending time finding others that are committed to the same things that I am. I love hearing and in some cases seeing their stories. Being able to imagine and sometimes actually see the impact that they have on others is pretty amazing.


Awhile back a friend sent me a link to which is a website that is full of tons and tons of inspirational videos. I lost a couple of hours today going from video to video, alternatively laughing, crying and simply awed at different points, due to the many different real life stories people shared.


This one video showed how even the most open minded and fair among us still tend to be racially and even sexually prejudiced and biased. There was a young white man next to a bicycle that had been locked to a post. This man was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and wearing his ball cap backwards. He had all these different tools like a saw, and bolt cutters and things of that nature. He was very obviously attempting to cut the lock.

What happened during the rest of this social experiment? Click here to read on and see.

After a year

April 15, 2014

It is early Saturday morning as I write this. On Tuesday my blog will be 1 year old. Looking back over the past year I have noticed a few things. A year is a long time and a lot has happened. The general structure of my day to day life is the same but a lot of the fine details are better.


About my writing specifically, I made a commitment to make one post a day. One would think with that commitment that would mean I would have at least 360 posts by now. And I would if it weren’t for a few hiccups along the way.


First and foremost I, like most people reading this, am human(I think). Sometimes I get so involved in enjoying life and living it that writing doesn’t occur to me until the day is through and I am getting ready for bed. On the days where that happens I do my best to make two posts the next day.


Read more on why I don’t end up with exactly one post per day by clicking here.


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