To think or not to think

I read something today that a friend of mine had re-posted on her Facebook wall. It was part of an article that suggested that if you want people to think, you should give them an end goal to work towards and let them use their own creativity to figure out how to get the job done.


The article pointed out that, instead of doing this we tend to give people instructions on how we want something to be done and then they just blindly follow the instructions on autopilot until the task is complete. Both ways gets the job done. But only one of them actually engages the minds of the people doing the work.


This caused me to be reminded of the Matrix trilogy. While there are tons of allegories, philosophical lessons and religious overtones, those movies drive home for me how most people live nearly their entire lives without doing any active thinking at all, once they get out of school.

Why is engaging our minds important? Read on and find out by clicking here

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