Working together pt2

The home that I live in was bought by a group of supposedly like minded individuals who all agreed to a certain vision for the world. Originally there were six of us who intended to use this home as a springing off point to bring our vision to the world. And for awhile it seemed like things were going well. The number of people living under our roof increased to I believe twelve at one point. We had weekly group meetings to handle all of the issues that came up each week.


It became evident over time though that nearly all of the people living here were only concerned about petty day to day things and not at all interested in the group vision and goals. We were unable to have conversations that revolved around our vision because certain people would not let us get past simply ridiculous daily problems. Meetings that should have taken no more than a few minutes routinely started taking seven hours or more. People dreaded Sunday evenings and did not want to be there at all. These meetings which were absolutely essential in making it so that our group could continue to exist became something that nobody wanted to attend.


Most of those people are gone now. Of the original six only three remain. There are a couple of other people living with us as well but those are people who are not ready yet to share our vision of change for the world. They are still at the point of focusing inward on themselves and getting themselves the way they want to be first.


Conclusions about harmony and the mastermind here


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